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Hey guys Merry Christmas! I know this is late but this is the first chance I have gotten to write this. For Christmas I got a very pretty piccolo with an engraved lip plate omg she is so pretty I decided to name her Crystal. I also got a picture of me and my band at our first marching competition, pj pants my little pony (g1) and eeyore, a dvd player for my room, 2 gift cards to barnes in noble and 1 for subway, a shirt that says flute down the side with a pink butterfly on it, winterguard shoes, warm bed sheets, slippers, two cds one trans Siberian orchestra and one the new twilight soundtrack, a "k" necklace and a floating color timer from my sister. what was your guys favorite thing you got for christmas?
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Stuff about me!
1, I have been playing flute for 7 years and piccolo for about 4 or 5 months
2. i live in Illinois
3. I am in winterguard
4. i ma in my towns youth orchestra
5. my birthday is June 27, 1998
6. i have 3 sisters, two step and one real.
7. i love my instruments more then anything
8. i want to go to either the royal collage of music in England or Julliard in new york
9. my best friend is Soulofthenorth
10. i have a crazy friend in england
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so i finished band camp yesterday and boy am i sore... not that anyone cares. we learned how to march in formation and we are playing collage level music. i am soooo excited for when we get the whole thing done. on another note i talked my band teacher into letting me take a school piccolo home and now i have a headache. i am sunburn really bad too so yesterday during lunch after i ate i fell asleep on the cold band room floor. and then last night when our pool party was canceled because of lightning we went back to the band room and me and a few friends were sitting around in the band room while everyone was in the gym and a mouse ran by us. we than ran out of there and went into the gym to watch the staff (ms.drake who is the band teacher, and a few others like the color Gard teacher and stuff) play volleyball against some students... so in all i got a piccolo until concert band a sunburn some new friends a new band teacher and a lot of fun these past three days. like any of you care and SouloftheNorth i need to talk to you and ask you a question as i am very disappointed in you right now
  • Listening to: past band solos and pieces
well today is my birthday like any of you care but i had one of my very best friends SouloftheNorth spend the night last night and we redid all my my little ponies hairs. we will post before and after of a few we took. did you know the original rainbow dash didn`t have wings? anyways we plan on hanging out all day and watching a few movies and then for dinner we are going to applebees one of my favourite resturants next to red lobster. oh well won`t bore you anymore i will be back on tommorow though i think...